A Message from our CEO

Steven Smallwood   

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Steven has always been a focused individual. His drive for success in the business world has led him down a path that formed many friendships and business relationships that have shaped him into who he is today. Ultimately, it's the mentors in his life, along with his family, who have brought home the desire to leave a legacy behind when he's done. 

After 18 years in the Insurance Adjusting world, he's been involved in most aspects of the trade. He began his career as a Day Claim Adjuster and started his journey years ago with a company looking to get into the market. Steven helped build the client base by traveling with the owner of the Adjusting Firm and pitching clients. He then began adjusting daily claims until a major Hurricane season brought him into the lucrative world of Catastrophe Adjusting. His adjusting career took him into over 20 states to practice his trade.

In 2008 after Hurricane Ike, he moved on to become a Claims Manager running day-to-day operations for a large independent firm, and eventually became the head of Reviewing for quality control of the entire company's field work. Before Hurricane Sandy, he was able to help start an Insurance Adjusting Firm dedicated to working Flood Claims in the nation's NFIP program. During Hurricane Sandy, the adjusting firm was able to pay out his team of adjusters over $3 Million Dollars in combined earnings. Steven has been and always will be dedicated to training new adjusters to handle both Day & CAT Claims. Throughout his career, Steven has taught for several adjusting schools. He has taught Software, policy, and inspections, eventually co-founding Adjusting Online to bring his skill set as an instructor to the online arena.

Steven has business interests in several industries. He co-owns the insurance adjusting school,  Adjusting Online, LLC, where we train adjusters and provide the skills needed to ensure people are taken care of properly while also maintaining the integrity of the company that insures them. He also co-owns a marketing and consulting firm to increase the business footprint in the social space for individuals and celebrities. He is currently working on his interests in the real estate investing market as well. 

Matthew Wise

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Knowing he wanted more from life than a 9 to 5 job, Matthew began looking for career paths in the gig economy that would allow him to use his marketing and computer skills to create the lifestyle he desired.

Matthew began his Insurance Adjusting career 4 years ago during a spring storm season in the Midwest, handling wind and hail claims in Iowa and Alabama.

Following that he began working with the Xactimate software as an Estimator handling day claims for several adjusters in Texas. These claims included specializing in Fire / Theft / Vandalism / Plumbing Leaks / and Non-Catastrophe Storm Claims. 

During Hurricane Harvey, he worked again as an Estimator, this time for 4 separate insurance companies. After months of working Harvey for several Insurance Adjusters, he was then deployed to handle files in Florida for Hurricane Irma

After this he handled daily claims, again in Texas, until being called to North Carolina for Wind claims and South Carolina for a separate company using the Simsol software to handle Flood Claims for both NFIP and the adjusters handling the inspections. 

Most recently he handled Flood work during Tropical Storm Imelda. However, he realized that his skills with the computer software were needed in the adjusting world. This brought him to help Co-Found Adjusting Online where he can pass his knowledge and training to others looking to get into a solid income-producing field.

Chastity Smallwood

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Chastity began her career in the medical world as a Certified Nursing Assistant and planned to attend medical school. However, she put aside her personal business goals to begin a family.

Getting back to her original passion of helping people, she co-founded a foundation to help Special Needs children and their families. 

She reached out to hundreds of parents through online support groups and worked to get them the help they needed. She helped one family repair their home before it was condemned.

As someone, who is driven to learn new skills and help others. She began learning multiple software programs to build websites and do video editing. She has a passion for the digital space, particularly the ‘behind the scenes’ work that goes into successful social media campaigns and the video industry. She realized that her skill set in the computer & design world would be an asset in bringing the Adjuster Training Online. She has been involved in her husband’s adjusting career for the last 11 years. It was an exciting choice to be part of a company utilizing the online skills she values, and help others in their new career path.

Randy Mcfarland

Co-Founder & Company Consultant 

After graduating from Texas A&M with a degree in Architecture, Randy went on to attend Oral Roberts University and graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Theology.

He began a career as an Insurance Adjuster and then built an environmental business from the ground up.  Recognizing trends, he found an opportunity to help people around the nation on a larger scale and founded Southwest Adjusters (an adjusting firm handling claims across the United States) in 2003 and helped families put their lives back together one household at a time. After over a decade of success as a leading-edge company in his field, he continues to be involved with his company.

During this time, he also founded a live course Insurance Adjusters Training Program & Licensing School in Texas. For the last 15 years he has taught classes and brought in instructors to assist in field training adjusters in a mentorship program he created in his adjusting firm. After speaking with Steven Smallwood, he agreed to become involved as a Co-Founder & Consultant of Adjusting Online to help provide access to the high-quality training necessary for success in the adjusting world.

He is also diversified into the real estate industry. He is a real estate professional and investor in commercial and multi-family housing.

Scott Becker

Vice President

Scott has been involved in the people business his entire adult life. As an ordained minister for the past 38 years in the Christian church Scott views his highest calling is to love God and love people. For the past 19 years Scott has been (and continues to be) the senior pastor of  Abundant Life Christian Fellowship in Jacksonville Florida. Scott and his late wife Gail founded Abundant Life  Christian Fellowship in June 2001. He loves to motivate and inspire people to become the best they can be. Scott has spent his entire adult life as an entrepreneur and an avid reader/learner. After spending over 30 years in the direct sales industry building and training large teams Scott is thrilled to be part of the adjusting online family as we grow to become the best company imaginable.